2021 in figures

Annual report 2021


€1.738 billion

Due to the roll-out of optical fibre and the upgrade of the mobile network in anticipation of 5G, the level of investment in infrastructure was significant in 2021.  After two years of decline, investment in fixed and mobile electronic communications reached €1.738 billion (excluding licences) last year.

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In 2021, 512 controls were carried out on various distribution channels, during which 1,490 different radio devices were checked.

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The postal observatory published by the BIPT in 2021 showed the significant impact of the pandemic on the postal market in 2020. In terms of volume, parcel transport increased by 44.5% in a single year. However, the structural decline in letter post, which has been observed for almost ten years, continues: between 2010 and 2020, the letter post volume fell by 43.1%.

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