Annual report 2020

The BIPT monitors the implementation of the obligations imposed upon operators with significant market power, among which those consisting in elaborating reference offers to grant access to the infrastructure of the SMP operators to other operators. In 2020, multiple reference offers from Proximus were examined and the tariff decisions on access to cable networks were completed. The BIPT also took multiple decisions on the tariff conditions of the reference offers in order to check that the calculation methodology reflected the reality of an efficient operator. A consultation on tariffs for access to the optical fibre network of Proximus was launched.

In the postal sector, the BIPT finalised the analysis of the analytical accounting of bpost for the years 2017 and 2018. Furthermore, the BIPT conducted a study to assess the intangible benefits resulting from bpost’s universal service obligations. The BIPT also ensures that the European regulation on cross-border parcel delivery services is implemented on national territory and consequently that intra Union e-commerce develops.

In 2020, the BIPT made a vade mecum to allow candidate operators to prepare their entry on the Belgian market in a better and quicker way.

The BIPT closely follows the evolution of the regulated markets and publishes reports or studies on a regular basis. The Institute’s postal observatory allows to follow the evolution in the postal sector since 2010. In the field of electronic communications, the BIPT published its annual report on net neutrality as well as its study on the national comparison of electronic communications services.

Balanced reference offers for increased competition on the wholesale market

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