Annual report 2020

The BIPT is the federal regulatory body responsible for regulating the electronic communications market, the postal market, the electromagnetic spectrum of radio frequencies and the radio and television broadcasting in the Brussels-Capital Region. The Strategic Plan 2020-2022 forms a common thread in the exercise of the BIPT’s competences, to ensure a reliable and competitive communications environment for everyone.

The BIPT provides essential contributions when strategic decisions are made in its fields of competence, such as in the context of the elaboration of national regulations or the supervision of networks and information systems in the event of a crisis (e.g. during the implementation of lockdown measures).

The BIPT does not only exercise its powers at the national level. It also ensures that the interests of the Belgian postal and telecommunications sectors are preserved by assuming various international responsibilities, such as the presidency of BEREC.

The BIPT has developed several practical tools to help users choose efficient services at the best possible terms and conditions: A tariff simulator for mobile and fixed telephony, Internet and bundles, a data portal gathering all useful qualitative data to help users choose an operator, such as network coverage maps and quality indicators, and the website – which gives an overview of all staffed points, letterboxes and parcel lockers in Belgium.

Postal services Electronic communications Media

Fostering competition

Internal market development

Users’ interests

Scarce resource management

Network security

Promoting the connectivity of very high capacity networks

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