Rapport annuel 2022

The tools the BIPT provides the user with to enable the latter to make an informed choice, have been expanded in 2022 with new functionalities and have been adjusted with up-to-date data. The tariff comparison tool, that allows consumers to calculate the most advantageous rates both automatically and manually, according to their needs, was extended with a module for SMEs and self-employed in order for small businesses to be able to easily find an affordable telecom subscription as well. The fixed coverage maps on the BIPT data portal have been updated and further details have been added allowing to verify the network coverage up until 1 Gbps at address level and per technology. As regards mobile coverage a campaign was launched with monitoring vehicles measuring the quality of experience and a project was started to collect quality data using sensors on garbage trucks. General indicators regarding quality can be found in the updated quality barometer., which provides an overview of all staffed points, postal boxes and parcel distributors in Belgium, has been updated further in 2022 as well.

Best Tariff Data Portal Postal Point

The telecommunications networks are critical infrastructures requiring a high level of protection. The BIPT streamlined a number of safety procedures the operators have to complete with a view to both the safety analysis employees fulfilling certain tasks with regard to critical infrastructures are subjected to, and the implementation of a specific platform of the risk analyses regarding the network safety. Security incidents with a considerable impact on networks and services are reported to the BIPT which compiles an annual incident report. If need be the BIPT cooperates with other bodies to tackle actual threats, such as the FluBot attack in 2022. As regards the 5G network in particular, the BIPT contributed to the draft Royal Decree implementing the 5G toolbox in 2022. In 2022 the fight against fraud continued as well: an agreement was concluded with the Gaming Commission to combat illegal online games of chance and betting and the BIPT ensured the coordination of the content of a project to subsidise advanced platforms for combatting smishing fraud. As is the case each year, the risks attached to a possible power cut have been updated.

Through consumer studies regarding both the electronic communications and the postal market, the BIPT monitored the evolution of the consumer needs and behaviour. What is striking for the electronic communications market, is the strong rise of video on demand and internet TV in 2022.

In order to guarantee that radio equipment meets essential health and safety requirements and does not cause harmful interference, the BIPT regularly carries out inspections, both at the level of the distribution channels and at the country borders.

The BIPT supervises the compliance with the regulatory framework regarding the protection of the users of electronic communications, media and postal services. In 2022 the BIPT monitored the implementation of the Roam Like At Home Regulation, in particular as regards the practice of the Fair Use Policy by the operators. The BIPT carried out various inspections, among other things regarding the way in which operators present to the subscribers the Easy Switch procedure to easily switch fixed Internet and/or TV providers, the alert messages when the monthly allowance is reached, the links to the tariff comparison tool and the completion of the register of premium rate numbers. The latter resulted in an administrative fine being imposed on an operator. In 2022, the BIPT examined bpost’s delivery times and prices and issued an opinion on the latter’s improvement plan for customer satisfaction.

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