Rapport annuel 2021

The BIPT continued its efforts to provide the consumer with reliable information. In 2021, the consumer could also rely on to find the most advantageous tariff plan and on to find a postal point. To get a clear view of the various possibilities to send a parcel within Europe, a tool was developed in 2021 that will be fine-tuned further in 2022. Last year, the data portal brought up to date with updated fixed coverage maps and an updated quality barometer. Furthermore, the quality of experience with the different telecommunications operators was measured and the BIPT worked on the development of guidelines regarding offers including “unlimited” Internet.

Best Tariff Postal Point Data Portal

The BIPT ensures that the networks are secured and that they are managed in a reliable manner. This way the critical infrastructures are defined and the operators’ risk analyses are monitored through a specific platform. The regulatory framework to guarantee the 5G networks’ cyber security was completed last year. 2021 was marked by the flooding disaster. In that context, the BIPT helped to repair the telecom networks. In addition, various safety incidents were monitored from up close and if need be the population was actively informed.

The BIPT monitors the evolution of the needs and the behaviour of the consumers from up close through studies, surveys, etc. Consumer studies were carried out for both the electronic communications and the postal market. The new edition of the elasticity study regarding postal products has a wider scope and also includes a literary and an econometric study.

Radio equipment has to comply with the essential health and safety requirements and must not cause harmful interference. During the COVID-19 period the BIPT continued its monitoring as well, at the distribution channels as well as at the borders, together with the customs authorities.

The BIPT supervises the compliance with the regulatory framework regarding the protection of the users of electronic communications, media and postal services. In 2021, the BIPT monitored the implementation of the Roam Like at Home Regulation and the Easy Switch procedure for switching to another provider of fixed Internet and/or television was assessed. Specific monitoring actions were carried out, among other things regarding the compliance with the obligation to register for premium rate numbers and the sending of alert messages. In 2021, the BIPT also monitored bpost’s delivery times and prices and issued an opinion on the latter’s improvement plan for customer satisfaction.

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