Efficient functioning

Annual report 2021

The BIPT has created an online application managing all aspects of the organisation of inland and maritime navigation and amateur radio examinations.
The control of the conditions for the granting of the social tariff for electronic communications has been automated as much as possible. Almost 80% of the files have been processed automatically.

The management of complaints regarding an action of the BIPT allows us to improve our processes, such as the way the BIPT interacts with the people and companies with which it comes into contact.
The BIPT’s website aims at continuously bringing a greater sense of satisfaction to its various visitors. In that respect, the BIPT conducted a survey in late 2021 to receive feedback on the user experience and obtain a view on the particular expectations of the respondents.

In 2021, the BIPT hired 17 new staff members at different levels and with various profiles. To maintain a high level of qualification of its staff members, the BIPT provides them throughout their career with numerous and diverse training possibilities.
The number of teleworking days has been adapted in the working rules following the return to the workplace after the health crisis. These initiatives have also been taken to stimulate linkage among staff members.

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